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January Free Lectures

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January Free Lectures

Centegra Health Bridge offers FREE lectures each month on a wide variety of topics. Check one out today!  Call 877-CENTEGRA to register.


Building Healthy Self-Esteem in Children
Tuesday, January 12 from 6:30-7:30pm
Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center – Huntley

Developing self-esteem is a lifelong process that is especially crucial for children as it is a predictor of future behavior. Join Allison Kranich, MS, LCPC. CAAD, therapist with Centegra Physician Care, as she talks about how self-esteem develops in children and the role adults play in promoting positive growth. Space is limited so registration is required – call 877-CENTEGRA (236-8347) to register.

Learn more about Centegra’s physician lectures at centegra.org/lectures.


Bully Proof Your Child
Saturday, January 23 from 10-11:30am
Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center – Crystal Lake

One out of 4 children have been a bully victim, and 1 in 5 admits to being a bully. What can parents do to help their children avoid being on both sides of the bullying situations that are likely to occur?

This free presentation by McHenry County Crisis Program staff will teach children in grades 5-8 practical techniques to stop bullying before it develops. Participants will have time to practice their new skills in real-life situations.

Pre-registration is required. Call the Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center Concierge at 815-444-2900 to register.

January Lectures
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