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Whether you want to lose or gain weight, increase energy, decrease risk for disease, or simply eat better, our Registered Dietitian is here to help you develop a practical nutrition plan for life!

Simply Weight Loss
Led by a Registered Dietitian with advanced training in weight management.  Learn all the steps necessary to achieve your weight goals.  Metabolism fuels calorie-burning, so you need to know how it’s performing. Included in our packages are metabolic testing, label reading, meal ideas, grocery shopping tips, recipe modifications and more.  Programs include:

Simply Accountable. Have you lost weight but struggled to maintain long-term weight loss success? Holidays, vacations, life stress, no matter the situation, we’ll keep you accountable to your goals through all of it. 12 months.

Simply Success.  Have you tried quick weight loss fixes that leave you feeling deprived? We will provide you with the tools needed to make good nutrition your way of life. 6 months.

Simply on Track.  Do you feel you have a good handle on nutrition and need some guidance to get back on track?  Let us jumpstart you on a successful path.  3 months.

Simply Eating.  If you have a small amount of weight to lose and want to keep it easy, Simply Eating is your solution! Included are two visits with our Registered Dietitian with metabolic testing to determine your calorie requirement. One week of sample menus and four weeks of online coaching are provided. Measurements of weight, body fat percentage, and waist circumference are taken.


Fuel to Win: Sports Nutrition
Are you an athlete looking to improve your performance?  Our sports nutrition packages can help you reach your highest level.

Fuel for Life Nutrition coaching throughout your yearly training cycle, plus 6 additional months of coaching to keep your nutrition and training goals on track. 18 months.

Fuel for the Year.  Nutrition coaching throughout your yearly training cycle including in-season and off-season nutrition strategies.  12 months.

Fuel for the Season.  Nutrition coaching to meet your current training and performance goals. 6 months.

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