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Personal Trainers- Huntley

Kyle Camp

"I believe being fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice that requires planning, dedication, determination, and patience. I believe that training should start with basic functional exercises that correlate into everyday life and carefully progress from there, regardless of fitness ...

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Scott Elichek

"I educate and develop programs for clients that produce great results which makes an impact on their daily lives." - Scott Elichek , Huntley Personal Trainer Education/Certifications: BS: Exercise Science from Carthage College Fitness Coaching Specialist - ACE Certificate Fitness Functional Specialist ...

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Josh Fick

"I believe that in order to make a difference in your own life is to acknowledge your weaknesses and create a plan to strengthen them. Whether it is to become stronger or lose weight, there has to be a plan ...

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Nancy Gerent

"Coming from the side of needing a Personal Trainer myself, I understand the difficulty of making time for fitness due to work and family obligations. Since life throws so many obstacles our way I like to help people overcome excuses ...

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Patrick Reed

"I believe that exercising and living a healthy lifestyle comes from a different mindset. My goal is to help people change that mindset so they can become the best version of themselves through exercise. This takes willpower and dedication in ...

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Megan Riley

"Living a healthy lifestyle is a commitment to yourself and your well-being. Being fit and living that healthy lifestyle is all about being consistent and dedicated. It’s about a promise to yourself to be healthier in and throughout your daily ...

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Sarah Stedenbach

"Setting a goal is the most important step in starting your fitness journey. It is important to realize that no two people are the same and every journey is different! I would love to help in setting and reaching your ...

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Kendra Waggoner

"Being fit and leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t something that only happens thirty minutes a day five days a week. If you want to improve and maintain your health, you have to make changes to your lifestyle. I am passionate ...

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Diane Wilkes

"Did you know there are over 150 pieces of exercise equipment in the Fitness Center? Which ones are best for you? As your Personal Trainer, I can put together an exercise plan for your goals, your body and your history. ...

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