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Keeping Your Health and Fitness Goals on Track at Work

Long hours, demanding clients and deadlines can distract you from your health and fitness goals during work hours. Here are three tips you can use at work to keep your goals on track.

  1. Start with your “why”

It’s important to remember why you set your fitness goals in the first place. Your reasons for wanting to live a healthy and fit lifestyle will motivate you to remain consistent throughout the day. Place your favorite motivational quotes in your workspace or motivational images in your planner to view each day.

  1. Preparation is key

Pack healthy lunches and snacks to avoid temptation at work. When going out for lunch, opt for the healthier options on the menu. Research restaurants in the area before taking a work trip so that you’re prepared to make healthy choices during travel. Use the hotel gym to get a quick workout first thing in the morning or in the evenings before bed on work trips.

  1. Track your calorie intake

Keep a food diary and track your weight progress and measurements. This will give you a snapshot of how much you’re eating and what type of foods your consuming.

You spend a lot of your day at work, but you don’t have to lose track of your fitness goals.


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