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April 23 2014
Insomnia: Sleepless Nights Can Zap Your Quality of Life

Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or both? Insomnia is a sleep disorder that can affect your ability to function during the day. Join Joy A. Prepejchal, PsyD, ... read more

May 20 2014
Stroke Risk

Do you know which risk factors for stroke are controllable? May is Stroke Awareness Month—do you know how to spot the symptoms of a stroke? Join Timothy Upchurch, MD, a ... read more

June 03 2014
Joint Replacement Information Session

If you’re suffering from chronic hip or knee pain, you could be a candidate for joint replacement surgery. Join John Daniels, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon on staff at Centegra ... read more

June 14 2014
RoadRunners Marathon Training

Ready for a new running challenge, looking to run your first marathon or would you like to achieve your Boston time qualifier? The Centegra Health Bridge RoadRunners can help runners of ... read more

January 31 2014
April Group Fitness

Biking for Beginners Come find out what happens in that ‘dark bike room’ in this special introductory class. Certified Cycling instructors Sarah Sullivan and Kiersten Pagani will get you set up ... read more

April 07 2014
Taking Ownership of Your Health

Often our physical health is taken for granted.  We go about our job, family and social life and do not think too extensively regarding our health.  However, I challenge you ... read more

April 01 2014
Burn more calories by speeding up your metabolism

After a brutal winter with record low temperatures, spring is finally here. We can hear the birds in the morning, temperatures are starting to rise and days are getting longer ... read more

April 23 2014
Metabolism and Strength Training

How does Metabolism and Strength Training complement each other? Sedentary adults can experience a 3% to 8% loss of muscle mass per decade along with resting metabolic rate reduction and fat ... read more

Centegra Healthy Living Institute

Metabolism and Strength Training

How does Metabolism and Strength Training complement each other? Sedentary adults can experience a 3% to 8% loss of ... read more

Spring clean your diet!

For every season, a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables become available. Spring has arrived, as well as a new ... read more

Healthy Snacking

One of the biggest downfalls in making poor choices when it comes to food is going long periods of time without ... read more

Cooking with plant based oils

Plant based oils often have larger amounts of healthy fats in the form of monounsaturated (MUFA) and polyunsaturated ... read more

Voted the #1 Fitness Center in McHenry County, Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center is the only medically-based fitness and wellness center in the area. Our goal is to provide an educated approach to fitness, health and wellness to the community we serve. More than a health club, Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Centers are focused on keeping your mind and body healthy through our medically-based programs and fitness classes with a wellness approach. The Northwest Herald’s “Best of the Fox” 2013 competition also named Centegra Health Bridge Best Pilates and Best Personal Training. Centegra Health Bridge Fitness centers are conveniently located in Crystal Lake and Huntley.

“From the moment you walk in the door it feels like home. Everyone is so warm and welcoming. You’ll see people here on walkers, in wheel chairs, every age, every size, it doesn’t matter – you will feel welcome.” Melissa R., Centegra Health Bridge Member

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