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The numerous benefits of weight loss

The benefits of weight loss are numerous when discussing health. Clinical significant weight loss is considered 5-10% of current body weight to reduce risks such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease (Swift, Johannsen, Lavie, Earnest, & Church, 2014). To put this number into perspective that equates to losing 10-20 lbs. in a person who weighs 200 lbs. Frequently when people consider weight loss, they are looking to achieve more significant weight loss and can often feel overwhelmed.  Consider setting that first goal at this 5-10% of current body weight. Knowing that this amount reduces your future risk for developing chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease, achieving this first goal is noteworthy.

Often when my patients lose their first 10-20 lbs. they are amazed how much easier it is for them to move and they begin considering increasing their exercise. This weight loss has additional benefits of reducing pressure on the feet, knees, hips, and lower back as well.

Once this first goal is achieved then setting another goal is appropriate and again, make sure that goal is attainable! The emotional satisfaction felt by increasing exercise, losing weight, and alleviating joint pain has significant impact on the psyche as well. 

Tanya Tanzillo, MSN-BC, APRN-BC, RHC-1


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