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Personal Trainers- Crystal Lake

Lisa Awrey

"I have been passionate about health and fitness my entire life. I choose to continually learn and grow in this field so that I can help my clients grow to achieve their personalized fitness goals." - Lisa Awrey, Crystal Lake ...

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Donna Candia

"Seeing my clients succeed motivates me to continue motivating them. I truly believe that anything is possible. I enjoy helping people overcome their physical barriers and finding ways to exercise within their capabilities." - Donna Candia, Crystal Lake Personal Trainer  Education/Certifications: Associates: FIT ...

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Garrett DeGross

"I get excited when a client is able to do something they could not do before. My goal is to help my clients improve their overall mobility; from everyday functions and balance, to high performance athletes." - Garrett DeGross, Crystal ...

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John Fleck

"My education and experience helps me to support my clients needs and goals. I enjoy working with them to help create healthy lifestyle changes. Some of these changes include a total fitness makeover and a mentality boost." - John Fleck, Crystal ...

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Stacy Jantz

"As an ultra-marathoner, I have struggled with injuries that have threatened my longevity in the sport. Ever since I experienced the benefits of strength training, it has been my goal to share my knowledge with others and show them that ...

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Laura Johnson

"Changes take work although no one says you have to do them alone. My mission is to help people achieve their goals while making lasting lifestyle changes that help them live longer, happier and healthier lives. Laura believes that small changes make a ...

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Destiny Jones

"People deserve a chance to put themselves first and a healthy lifestyle is the best way to do that! I love being a part of that journey with individuals and seeing them grow, have fun and become more confident. My ...

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Kiersten Pagani

“A body in motion tends to stay in motion. However we’re all bound to hit roadblocks at some time during our lives, whether it be physical or mental. I love connecting with people and teaching them about how their bodies ...

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Emilee Pike

"Exercise is often a catalyst that can profoundly change lives. It has profoundly changed mine. I live to make a difference. Every client is unique and requires specialized training. I make it my priority to help you find your own ...

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Kevin Raap

"Training is an ongoing process, it does not stop when you leave the gym. Embrace the challenge and trust the process. Show up and push yourself past your comfort zone." - Kevin Raap, Crystal Lake Personal Trainer Education/Certifications: Associate in Applied ...

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Patrick Reed

"Fitness is an important aspect of my life and I want to help people with my knowledge and experience on health and fitness and guide them in the right direction. I enjoy helping people reach their health and fitness goals." - Patrick ...

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Chad Staudt

"Helping others live a more physically active lifestyle is my #1 goal!" - Chad Staudt, Crystal Lake Personal Trainer  Education/Certifications: Associates: FIT Certification from McHenry County College ACE-CPT Specialties: Sports Specific Weight Loss Functional Movement

Kelly Tafoya

"Time at the gym is time we should look forward to. We are here to enjoy our time, improve our quality of life and enhance an overall fit lifestyle. It is my goal to introduce and encourage habits that are ...

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Shawn Tegtmeier

"It is my dream to see the whole world moving forward, getting healthier and becoming more active. I enjoy educating people in all areas of fitness, seeing them get excited about their goals and how they change as they get closer ...

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