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Personal Trainers – Huntley

Sebastian Heretyk

"The number 1 rule in anything is consistency. Be consistent at a certain level for a designated amount of time and you'll succeed through anything.  Success is built upon habits.  Your everyday habits will determine your results in anything in life.  ...

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Becky D’Andrea

" Fitness is to be enjoyed.  it provides us the ability to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle. My goal is to motivate and empower my clients to  challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way with a program tailored to ...

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Wyatt Grabow

"Starting and maintaining an exercise program is one of the hardest things people embark on every year. My goal is to help you make your exercise experience as easy as possible, providing you with all the education and tools to ...

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Jason Quagliano

" The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is today.  There is no better feeling than achieving a Goa you have been striving for in any aspect of life. It is my passion to help you ...

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Scott Elichek

"I educate and develop programs for clients that produce great results which makes an impact on their daily lives." - Scott Elichek , Huntley Personal Trainer Education/Certifications: BS: Exercise Science from Carthage College Fitness Coaching Specialist - ACE Certificate Fitness Functional Specialist ...

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Courtney Glorch

"It takes a village to build a healthy lifestyle and having someone in your corner, completely focused on you, can be incredibly helpful when it comes to achieving your personal fitness goals. I consider it my responsibility to create individualized ...

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Patrick Reed

"I believe that exercising and living a healthy lifestyle comes from a different mindset. My goal is to help people change that mindset so they can become the best version of themselves through exercise. This takes willpower and dedication in ...

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Diane Wilkes

"Did you know there are over 150 pieces of exercise equipment in the Fitness Center? Which ones are best for you? As your Personal Trainer, I can put together an exercise plan for your goals, your body and your history. ...

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